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Bayou Oaks Social Event Registration

The following is a step-by-step guide detailing the process for registering a social event within the Bayou oaks fraternity/sorority townhomes.

1. Finalize a date for your social event. The date should be finalized no sooner than 1 month before the event is to occur.

2. Complete the Bayou Oaks Social Event Registration Form online – no less than 3 weeks before the event is scheduled.

3. Complete the ‚ÄúRegistration of Alcoholic Beverages Distribution‚ÄĚ Form and submit that form to the Dean of Students Office (252 University Center) no later than fifteen (15) business days before the scheduled event. This form must be completed and submitted by one of the top three (3) officers of the organization.

a. Forms can be found either online or can be obtained from the Greek Housing Coordinator.

4. Once approval is granted to serve alcohol at the event, the Greek Housing Coordinator will notify the chapter that they are authorized to host the social event.

5. Begin to formulate names for the guest list for the event. The guest list for the event should be finalized no later than thirty-six (36) hours before the event is scheduled.

6. If necessary, meet with the Greek Housing Coordinator one (1) week before the event to discuss event management strategies and to address and concerns that might arise.