SYRE Program

Welcome to the Second Year Residential Experience Program at the University of Houston!

We are excited to launch the SYRE program this year to work in collaboration with our First Year Residential Experience (FYRE) Program.  SYRE is a living-learning community intended to help provide Second Year residential students at UH with a better beginning to their collegiate careers and equip them with them the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed at UH and beyond. The SYRE Program will focus on programming specific to Second Year students’ needs including Choosing a Major, Career Exploration, and how to build upon a strong first year.

The SYRE program was developed with instrumental leadership from Dr. Lyle McKinney, Assistant Professor of Higher Education in the College of Education. Dr. McKinney will serve as the Faculty-in-Residence for the program and will be integral during structured programming opportunities for SYRE students and available to serve as an academic resource and mentor.

1. Where is the SYRE program located? The offices for the SYRE program are located in Cougar Village II Room N131 (Located in between Cougar Village I and Cougar Village II).


2. How do I live in the SYRE Community? Students can opt to live in the SYRE Community during the Housing registration process.  If you are interested in living there, you can contact us at 713-743-6087 or


3. How will we find out about programs in the fall? We will advertise in the community, send out emails, post on our Facebook, and Tweet information about upcoming events.