1. What is RoomSync?

We are happy to announce RoomSync, our new roommate matching software that empowers you, our residents, to choose your own roommates using Facebook. RoomSync offers the latest and greatest in roommate matching technology, giving residents a greater sense of responsibility in the housing process with the ultimate goal of increasing roommate compatibility.

You can create and log into your RoomSync account via Facebook and search for roommate matches or just get to know the students that will be living in your residential community.

2. Who can use it?

RoomSync is available to any student who has applied for a residence hall space.

3. What is the roommate matching process?

After a student applies for housing by using the AccessUH an email will be sent to you containing a link to join the RoomSync group for University of Houston.

4. How does RoomSync work?

After you click the link sent to your email account, you will be taken to the RoomSync application page.

  • If you are not already logged into Facebook, enter the email address associated with your Facebook account.
  • Click the blue “Go To App” button.
  • Click the blue “Allow” button (allowing the application to access your contact information).
  • Enter your Lifestyle Preferences and Ideal Roommate Information and click the blue “Next” button at the bottom of the page.
  • Select your Major and click the blue “Next” button.
  • Enter information about yourself and your ideal roommate.
  • Follow prompts. When you get to the final page, click the blue “Find a Roommate” button and start searching!!

5. What happens after I find my roommate on RoomSync?

After you find your roommate on RoomSync and match, you will receive a series of emails confirming your match and also containing further instructions.

Once you and your roommate have matched in RoomSync only one of you will need to select a space on campus to live using myHousing at AccessUH. The other roommate will be automatically assigned to the second bed in the suite/room. Until June 1 only students with roommates officially matched in RoomSync will be able to select a room. Students without roommates may select a space after June 1.

If you would like to reserve a single space, and selected “single” as a one of the preferences on your application, then we encourage you to participate in RoomSync but you will want to avoid matching with a roommate. You may search for available single spaces for as long as you like in However, once you match with a roommate you will only be able to search for double occupancy spaces in AccessUH

After you have selected your roommate and room continue to use the RoomSync app to get to know your new roommate and other people who will be living on campus next fall!

If you have any questions, please contact the Housing & Residential Life main office at 713-743-6000 or via email at

6. My roommate and I can’t find an empty room? What happened?

Spaces on campus fill up very quickly. If you and your roommate cannot find a completely empty room then chances are that other students have filled those spaces. It is important that you find your roommate quickly and assign yourselves to live together. If you cannot find an empty room then you should assign yourself to any available space and attempt to coordinate a room change prior to move in or after move in.

7. I didn’t get a link sent to my email account? What happened?

If you successfully applied for housing and did not receive an email containing the link, please contact our office at 713-743-6000 or at

8. What is my deadline for finding a roommate on RoomSync?

Once you access RoomSync, please try to find and match as soon as possible. Students who have a matched roommate will be given priority to select rooms over students who without a match. Students who have not chosen a roommate or a space by July 15th will be randomly placed by University of Houston Student Housing & Residential Life.

9. I don’t have a Facebook account. Can I still use RoomSync?

If you want to use the RoomSync application to find a roommate or meet other students living in your residential community, you must have a Facebook account.

10. Do I have to use RoomSync?

You do not have to use RoomSync if you don’t want to or if you don’t have a Facebook page. There are several options when it comes to roommate matching:

  • Our system allows students to assign themselves to their own rooms. This means you can go “potluck” and assign yourself to any available space after students who matched have had an opportunity to select spaces. Once you have made a space selection information about your new roommate will appear in your AccessUH account. At this time we are not able to provide you with information about your roommate until after you have assigned yourself to a space. It is for this reason we strongly encourage you to use the RoomSync application.
  • Or you can use RoomSync as detailed above.

11. I want to live in a Learning or Theme Community. Can I still use RoomSync?

You can still use RoomSync to find your roommate. Just make sure that the roommate you select is also interested and qualified for that same community. If you want to choose a roommate who is not interested in or qualified for your community, you will likely want to search for a room outside of your learning community. To verify learning community or theme community eligibility or if you have roommate questions, please contact the Student Housing Office at 713-743-6000 or at

12. Now what?

Stay tuned to our Facebook page ( ) and website ( for updates and information about move-in day and on-campus housing!