Moody Towers Exterior

Quick Facts

  • Frequently just called “The Towers”
  • One of the tallest complexes on campus, both towers are 18 stories high
  • The largest area of residence halls on campus, housing 1,100 students
  • Built in 1970
  • Named for Libbie Shearn Moody, wife of a famous Galveston financier

Floor Plans

Room styles and square footage may vary slightly.
Floors 1 through 15 are similarly configured with mostly double rooms, with slight variances for the 1st and 15th floor. Floors 16 and 17 are mostly single rooms. Super single rooms are the same size as double rooms, located on several floors.



Building Amenities

  • The Commons*
  • Laundry facilities on 18th floor of each tower and on the ground floor of North Tower for wheelchair access
  • Computer lab on the first floor of Commons across from vending machines, just outside the lobby
  • Fresh Food Company at Moody Towers
  • Two piano rooms in the hallways to Fresh Food Company
  • Lounge area with TV on most floors
  • Towers Service Center/Mailroom in ground floor of Commons
  • ATM by North Tower entrance
  • VTS (Value Transfer Station) by North & South Tower entrances
  • Exercise room on first floor near South Tower across from men’s restroom

*The Commons is a large open area between the two towers where students can meet. Several events are held in the Commons during the year. The Residential Life Coordinator’s (RLC) Office is found here. You can find two hallways leading to the Fresh Food Company. On the ground floor, you will find the Towers Service Center and the computer lab.

Utilities include

  • Water
  • Cable
  • Internet
  • Electricity
  • Laundry


All residents are required to use their Cougar Card to gain entry to the tower in which they reside. This prevents unauthorized people from entering residential areas. A Desk Assistant is stationed at each tower’s entrance 24 hours a day. Residents will receive a unique key to access their room. The key must be used to lock and unlock the door from the hallway; a latch operates the lock from inside the room. The door has a peep hole. Each floor has an RA. UH has its own police department that offers an escort service.



Room Type Per Semester/Per Person
Double $2,320
Single $2,894
Super Single$3,173

Pricing for honors, out-of-state and international students is the same. Prices shown above are based on a full academic year agreement (Fall & Spring semesters). Residents will pay for one semester at a time (half the Academic Year price is charged to the student’s fee bill each semester). The meal plan is also charged in the same manner and at the same time as the room charge (half the Academic Year price is charged to the student’s fee bill each semester).



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Moody Towers
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