Amenities & Services

Automatic Teller Machines
There are ATM machines in Moody Towers and Oberholtzer Hall in the Quadrangle. MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Cirrus, Maestro and Pulse are available for access. ATMs are available only when the buildings are occupied.

Barrier-Free Living
The residence halls provide accessible, barrier-free living for residents with mobility impairments, including access to the Towers and Quad dining facilities. Student rooms are available in Moody Towers. Students with extended or unusual needs not met by the available accommodations may be allowed to make reasonable changes with prior approval. In addition, the university, through the Student Health Center, offers a 24-hour Attendant Care Program for individuals who qualify. For more information, call 713-743-5151.

Bicycle Racks
All bicycles should be secured on bicycle racks located outside Moody Towers, the Quadrangle, Cougar Village and Calhoun Lofts. Do not secure bicycles to stairways, handrails, entryways, light poles, porch supports, balconies, fences, trees or shrubbery. Bicycles improperly stored or secured are subject to having the locks cut and being impounded by the UH Police Department at the owner’s expense. For safety reasons, bicycles should not be ridden on crowded sidewalks or in buildings (this includes anywhere inside the outer gate of the Cougar Place property). Students may not store bicycles in their rooms.

Cable Television
Basic cable service is free to all residents. This includes all local broadcast networks such as ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and CW, a variety of cable channels such as CNN, MTV, and USA and the campus broadcast channel Student Video Network.

Residents of Calhoun Lofts are provided with free Roku 2. With Roku 2, students will have all HD channels, HBO, HBO 2, Cinemax and have the ability to watch their favorite shows from their TV, PC, tablet or smartphone and record them online. The Roku 2 also give the ability to access Netflix, Hulu, Amaxon prime, Pandora YouTube and lots more.

Download the cable channel lineup (PDF, 85KB)

Computer Labs
Computer labs are available in all residence hall areas 24 hours a day during Fall and Spring semesters. All labs have Windows XP systems, laserjet printers and high-speed connections for University and Internet usage for purposes associated with your school work. Students must provide their own paper for printing and flash drives/memory sticks for file storage. Paper and flash drives/memory stick are available at the University Center bookstore.

Wired ethernet connections are available in every room in all residence halls. Residents provide their own ethernet cables in all areas. Cables are available at various sources, including CougarByte, Radio Shack and so on. Wireless connections are also available in the residence halls. The UH VPN client may be required for external Internet access when using wireless. The ethernet jack in all rooms at Calhoun Lofts is located on the back of the Residential Gateway unit through which all AT&T U-verse services are received.

Laundry Facilities

The University of Houston has partnered with Mac-Gray to make your laundry experience on campus even better! Residence halls are all carbon neutral and are equipped with Energy Star® rated, high-efficiency machines that now run free of charge! Each laundry room also features LaundryView®, which allows you to check the status of your machine, or request a text message when your cycle is complete. You can take LaundryView on-the-go with LaundryView Mobile. Use your smartphone to scan the dedicated QR code posted in your laundry room or visit m.laundryview.com/uhouston through your phone’s browser.

Mac-Gray’s student-dedicated website, The Campus Clothesline, has interactive resources for all things laundry, including laundry instructions and advice, stain tips, videos, prizes and more at www.campusclothesline.com.

If a machine isn’t working properly, you can submit a service request directly through LaundryView or call 1.800.MAC.GRAY (800.622.4729) to speak with one of Mac-Gray’s customer care representatives.

Laundry facilities are located at:

Bayou Oaks – each resident floor

Calhoun Lofts – floors 2 – 10

Cougar Village I – floor 1, between the computer lab and fitness room

Cougar Village II – floor 1

Cougar Place – floor 1, centrally located in the building

North/South Towers – floor 18

North Tower (accessible for residents with disabilities) – basement

Quadrangle – basement of each building

Cougar Laundry helps students make the best use of their limited time. College is a busy time, you’ll want every hour you can get. Cougar Laundry promises 96 MORE hours this year. How does it work? Students drop off dirty clothes on Mondays and Wednesdays at attended trucks parked near residence halls. Attendants return clean clothes Wednesdays and Friday. All clothes are cleaned with a 10-step process that includes pocket checks, spot treatment, color sorting, optimal temperature, careful folding and hand packaging. Choose from one of three monthly plans.

Download the My Laundry app and start planning what you’ll do with your time. Read more atCougarLaundry.com or call 1-888-590-WASH (9274). 

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A locked mailbox, opened by your room key, is assigned when you move into your hall. Residential Life Staff are not permitted to open your mailbox and remove mail, even to give it to you. The following are held for pick up in the mail room or Service Center until you claim them: special delivery, registered, postage due and express mail, telegrams and packages.

Students can pick up packages during the academic year Monday through Friday (8am – 5pm), and Saturday (11am – 3pm), except for holidays and when classes are not in session. Mail is delivered and picked up once a day, Monday through Saturday. Mail is forwarded only during summer, if and when you move to another hall, or if you leave the university. Residents should use their full address for faster processing of mail. The full address includes the resident’s name, building, room number, street number and name, and ZIP code. The University of Houston designation is not required. There are mailboxes in each area for outgoing mail. Please do not call the service centers to see if you have mail. These requests cannot be accommodated.

Please note: No mail will be given to a resident if it is not fully addressed to that particular individual.

Calhoun Lofts Resident
Student Name – Campus Box Number (Not Room Number)
PO Box 4774 – Houston, TX 77210-4774

Moody Towers Resident
4401 Wheeler
North or South Tower Room Number
Houston, TX 77004

Quad Resident
4361 Wheeler
Bldg. Number, Room Number
Houston, TX 77004

Cougar Village (I & II) Resident
Student Name – Campus Box Number (Not Room Number)
PO Box 4774 – Houston, TX 77210-4774

Cougar Place Resident/Bayou Oaks Resident
Student Name – Campus Box Number (Not Room Number)
PO Box 4774 – Houston, TX 77210-4774

A notification slip will be placed in your mailbox if you receive a large package or envelope (UPS, Federal Express). All mail parcels must have your name on the item to be claimed. Proper ID is required to pick up your package. The mailrooms will not accept large shipments without prior notification. A charge may be assessed for labor charges.

Download the Student Mail Guide

Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Information Technology
Maintenance, Housekeeping, and Information Technology operate five days a week, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Maintenance, Housekeeping and IT requests may be reported by clicking on the “FIX-IT” link (there are two separate links on the FIX-IT home page, one for Maintenance & Houskeeping Listed as SUBMIT SERVICE REQUEST, and a different one for Information Techonology, listed as SUBMIT IT REQUEST. This system lets you track the status of your work request online. For emergency maintenance or housekeeping needs, contact the front desk in your living area or your RA. In Calhoun Lofts, U-verse services are provided and serviced by AT&T. For problems with telephone, Internet or video services in Calhoun Lofts, contact the U-verse Customer Care Center at 800-288-2020 or online at http://www.att.com/u-verse/support.

Students reporting a maintenance, housekeeping or IT problem authorize University staff to enter their room to assess the problem. All staff will leave an entry card indicating that they have been in your room and the status of the reported problem. AT&T U-verse service providers will schedule appointments, generally in two or four hour time windows, with the individual for their convenience. Requests for service are reviewed and prioritized, with safety being the primary concern.

Contracted Housekeeping Services (In Room)
The Housekeeping Service is strictly voluntary. Any agreement between roommates/suitemates is the responsibility of the individuals and not Student Housing and Residential Life personnel. (For example, if roommates agree to split the cost, but one will pay now and the other will pay later/or one pays one semester and one pays the next, SH&RL will not be responsible for collecting payments.)

All services will be paid in advance, by semester. Once the service has started, no cancellations or refunds will be given for this service. We will work diligently to satisfy your service needs. Once you have signed up for housekeeping service, the service supervisor will visit your room and explain in detail the scope of the service and what you can do to help them provide the best service to your room. After each visit you will have a customer service feedback card left in your room for any comments you would like to provide. For more information on in room Housekeeping Services click here.

To park on the University of Houston campus, you must display a valid UH parking permit unless parked at a parking meter or in the visitor parking area of a university parking garage. Purchasing a permit does not guarantee a parking spot but allows you to park if space is available. Permit holders should register all vehicles they park on UH property with Parking and Transportation Services.

Parking permits are only transferable between vehicles and not between individuals. The registered permit holder is responsible for any parking citation issued to a vehicle displaying the permit. In the event a vehicle does not have a permit displayed and is not registered with Parking and Transportation, motor vehicle records from the Texas Department of Transportation will be used to determine responsibility.

Park only where your permit allows. Do not park in areas that are not for your use or have a restricted status. Examples of restricted areas include fire and no parking zones, grass, sidewalks, along curbs not designated for parking, any unmarked spot, or any place that would disrupt pedestrian or vehicular traffic. If you receive parking citations and do not resolve them, your vehicle will be subjected to tow or immobilization at your expense. Vehicles may not operate on University of Houston property if they are in violation of state law.

Resident parking permits are available to Calhoun Lofts residents. These permits are valid only for RHE Lot 21A and may not be used at any other university parking lot. Residents living in Moody Towers and Cougar Village I and II might want to consider getting a garage permit for the Welcome Center Garage or an economy permit to use at lots 4A and 8A/9C. Residents of the Quadrangle and Cougar Place might want to consider purchasing a garage permit for the Stadium Garage or an economy permit and park in lots 8A/9C or 12A.

For more information, contact the Parking and Transportation Office at 832-842-1097 or go to www.uh.edu/parking.

Space Reservation
Facilities are available for reservation by residence halls groups or for rent by campus and external groups. For more information on pricing and policies, visit Cougar Village II S121 or call 713-743-6020.

Student Lounges and Kitchen Facilities
Kitchen facilities are available for the convenience and use of residents only in the basements of the North Tower, Settegast, Taub and Bates, and Oberholtzer Halls and each wing of every floor in Cougar Village. Residents must remain in the kitchen area during the cooking process. Residents are responsible for cleaning the area and turning off the units after each use. No eating or cooking utensils are provided.

Vending Machines
Vending machines are available in each residential area. Vending machine refunds are made at the Cashier’s Office. (In Room 114 at the Welcome Center)