Living/Learning Communities

Engaged Learning Groups


Studies indicate that students who are involved in meaningful personal relationships tend to have better grades and are more likely to graduate. To provide University of Houston student residents with another opportunity for success, the department of Student Housing & Residential Life (SHRL) offers a housing choice known as Engaged Learning Groups, which is comprised of floors and wings where students of common interests may choose to live. In these communities, students work together and in collaboration with their respective resident assistant and an advisor (who is either a faculty member or a full-time University administrator) to assure that the stated mission of the floor or wing is being fulfilled.

Engaged Learning Group Descriptions and Locations


Honors College Housing: Cougar Village I and Cougar Place

Approximately 30 percent of Honors College freshmen choose to live on campus. Students must be accepted in the Honors College or be a National Merit Scholar, Terry Scholar or a Tier One Scholar to reside in Honors College housing in Cougar Village. (For more information about the Honors College, click here.) The Honors communities are housed in Cougar Village I rooms CVS 501-701, CVN 501-631 and Cougar Place 1100-1098.


Medicine & Society: Cougar Place

This community is for students who are pursuing the Medicine & Society minor within the Honors College. The Medicine & Society Program promotes an interdisciplinary understanding of health and health care through academic courses, research, fieldwork (including domestic travel and study abroad), student internships, scholarly and public conferences, visiting speakers, and an electronic portal with online information and materials. Affiliated faculty from the University of Houston, the University of Texas Health Science Center, local research hospitals, and other health care institutions provide students with the necessary tools to become informed and thoughtful graduates who have a comprehensive grasp of health care challenges and opportunities, locally, regionally, nationally and globally. This community is housed in Cougar Place rooms 1110-1118.

Engineering: CV2, Taub, Moody Towers South

Students who are exploring or actively pursuing any of the vast number of Engineering and Technology degrees the university offers are welcome to live on the Engineering and Technologies Wing. Students are expected to assist their resident assistant and anadviser in designing programs and events that have broad appeal and are educational for members of the wing. Other activities may include field trips, attending university lectures and cult.ural events and participation in intramural sports. These communities are housed in: Cougar Village II rooms CVN 211-218, Taub rooms 101-135, Moody Towers North rooms 202-218 (women), Moody Towers North rooms 302-318 (men).

Science and Engineering: Moody Towers South

This community is designed to support women who are pursuing degrees in science or engineering and would appreciate the ability to live among other women who are in the same field. Students will design programs that will complement degree attainment as well as leadership opportunity in colleges and on campus. Departmental programs will be highlighted as programs which provide guidance on internship searches and résumé building. This community is housed in Moody Towers South rooms 202-218.

Natural Sciences Majors: CV1

Students who live in this community are majors in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. Students will find it easy to meet other NSM majors with similar goals and in similar classes, facilitating study groups. Programs offered to these students will be directed by a community adviser from NSM, who will tailor programs to the unique needs of NSM students to include advising and career exploration opportunities. This community will be housed in Cougar Village I CVN 301-318.

NSM Pre Health Professions: CV2

This community is geared toward students in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics who have pre-professional aspirations. This community will also be guided by a community adviser from NSM, who will provide programs and experiences that complement the classes being taken by these students along with an eye toward further study in health professions such as medical school, dental school, veterinary school, pharmacy school and optometry school. This community is housed in Cougar Village II CVN 611-618.

Cougars Recovery Community: CV2

This community-living option is for students who choose to live a sober life. Students who live on this floor are in recovery and are committed to continuing this lifestyle through college.  Focus on this floor will be on community members engaging in productive campus groups and activities. Students who live on this floor must be actively participating in a 12-step program and committed to participating in the floorcommunity. This community is housed in Law Hall rooms 401-420.

Cougars in Recovery Application


Second Year Residential Experience: Cougar Place

This living option is for students who are in their second year of college. It is designed to complement the First Year Residential Experience, which addresses college transition topics.  The Second Year living option will offer second-year students the opportunity to live among other second-year students. The programs offered to students who live in this community will address issues second-year students typically face: major exploration, exploring involvement on campus in student groups and leadership positions, and looking at internships and résumé building. This community is housed in Cougar Place rooms 2016-3116.

Hotel and Restaurant Management: CV1

This living option is for students in the Conrad H. Hilton School of Hotel and Restaurant Management.  Students are taking a core group of classes together and living together will facilitate study groups and attendance at the college’s many events. Students on this floor will participate in co-curricular programs designed to further their experience and learning in the field of HRM. This community is housed in Cougar Village I rooms CVN 201-231.

Business Community: CV 2

This living option is for students with a declared major in the C.T. Bauer College of Business.  Special events and programs are determined by students working in collaboration with their resident assistant and their adviser. Activities may include business-related workshops and lectures, résumé and internship workshops, Business Student Organization events and Bauer-sponsored events. This community is housed in Cougar Village II rooms CVN 411-418.

Business: Moody Towers South

This living option is for women who have a declared major in the C.T. Bauer College of Business. There will be efforts to connect women who live on this floor to leadership opportunities within the Bauer College and on campus that are appropriate for students pursuing a career in business. Additionally, this community will partner with the Cougar Village community for Bauer-related events and socials. This community is housed in Moody Towers South rooms 302-319.

Theatre Community:  Cougar Village 2 and Law

The theatre community is for students who have a declared theatre major. Cougar Village I will house first-year theatre majors and Law Hall will house second-year theatre majors and above. This community is geared toward first year and second year BFA theatre majors with pre-professional aspirations. The community will provide opportunity for students in various theatre areas (acting, playwriting/dramaturgy, theatre education, stage management and technical production) to collaborate on projects and rehearse in spaces specifically dedicated for that purpose. The theatre communities are housed in Cougar Village II CVN 737-745 and Law rooms 101-130.